You can find Pikachus in NYC, but Dratinis are thin on the ground. Youll have better luck finding the little aquatic dragon-snake in Seattle.
You can find Pikachus in NYC, but Dratinis are thin on the ground there. You'll have better luck finding the little aquatic dragon-snakes in Seattle. lev radin /

As if this town needed any more reason: Wanderu, a sort of Expedia but for bus and train travel, claims Seattle is the #2 city for finding the rarest digital monsters. We lost first place to Los Angeles. LOS ANGELES. What do they got that we don't got? According to the study, L.A. has Chanseys, which look like fluffy pink rasta nurses, and Kabutos, which of course evolve into Kabutopses, which look like sting rays with sword arms. NYC is chomping at our heels in third place, but we have Dratinis and Hitmonchans.

Their method:

We reviewed photos and videos from 250 cities in the U.S. to find the home of epic, mythical and special Pokémon. We used the Twitter API to count the total number of sightings and look at the diversity of species found in each city.

To find the cities with the most Pokémon sightings, we counted the total number of epic, mythic, and special Pokémon found in each city. For accuracy, we only reviewed tweets with images or videos of Pokémon captured during game play. Totals do not include mentions of rare Pokémon without visual evidence or those hatched from eggs.

So it's all based on evidence that the "Pokemon Go addicts" at Wanderu counted up on Twitter. But that's not the whole story. Curbed reports that Seattleites have discovered Chanseys over at Golden Gardens and in Port Orchard. Still, the Kabuto seems to have eluded us completely. But maybe it's out there? Who knows?

For those who have any interest in finding a Seattle-born Kabuto and/or in beating Los Angeles for the title of City Most Associated With Making Gains in the Field of Augmented Reality, then go find a Kabuto and post evidence of your capture in the comments. Oh, and while you're out there, try not to wander into any nuclear disaster zones.