For starters, don't look to Facebook for your news.
I finally clicked on that today, just to see what they were suggesting in order to spot "false news." The most important part of the story is buried underneath all their tips, and that is: You can now flag a post and report it as being fake news. Assuming the site is actually responsive to that feedback, maybe that means we'll all be seeing less of it. But probably not.
No reason to be quite so cynical. The type of people who work at Facebook probably are really as displeased as you are about bullshit news stories. But they built the whole machine to maximize clicking, and the algorithms like stupid clicks just the same.

But I really dislike the whole emphasis on "fake news", putting the focus on the totally fabricated stuff. When the usual problem is good old slanted news, and slanted opinion shows, which come from major organizations. Heck, even the Stranger has been known to put some spin on.
Better to encourage half-assing than to have no ass at all.

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