But sex workers are still left having to drum up business on Aurora. Awesome.

Fvck this shit.

Sex>violence. Let these fuckers get regulated out of existence.


Weak sauce from Valve. If they have a genuine commitment to content freedom, as they now claim they do, then they have no business removing publishers’ content they deem “illegal, or straight up trolling.”

But if they are actually in the business of removing bad content, as their “no illegal or trolling” policy indicates they are, then they have no basis to tolerate depraved content like pro-school shooters.

Valve needs to make up their minds. Either they kick out the crap or they don’t. This half-in, half-out stance is just cowardly.


Obviously we need two new games: one where you abduct kids and keep them in your basement rape dungeon. You'd have the option of playing either the abductee or the kid trying to escape.

The other game would be first person shooter where you storm Valve's HQ and shoot them all.



Getting mad at Valve because a tiny subset of the things on their shelves are shitty is like getting mad at your grocery store for selling Tofurkey. Yes, it’s an abomination that has no right existing, but some weirdos like it and are willing to pay good money for it.

TL:DR – misogynists and alt-right assholes play games too.


Good. The last thing the world needs is more power-hungry media censors telling people what they are allowed to think and what media they are allowed to engage in.

@3: Then make them and submit them to Steam.


How is putting up a game for sale(irregardless of content) "Trolling"?


@3. Very. well. played.
@4: not to worry:

EVERYone knows -- never emulate Billy Bob:


@7 --Oops. @5, not @4.


@6 I would guess they would consider it trolling if the someone came up with an outrage-attracting game concept, but put the bare minimum of effort into the game itself.


@6: I imagine it would have to be something that singles out one person or group. I recall there being a "game" where all you did was punch a woman (with blood and bruises) who was a real person and had been criticizing games on Youtube.

The only reason to do that is to mock that person and make people mad, so I would imagine that is what they mean.

That being said, Steam is in a constant fight with "shovelware" (cynical cash-grab "games" that are basically scams) and this is really just part of that fight.


@6 Using "irregardless" is definitely trolling. :)


So... should I send thoughts and prayers or not? I'm so confused...


Congratulations for the future blood on your hands, Valve!

Future home of the games Auschwitz and Child Molester.


@9, @10, Makes sense.


Lame. Valve is a business. They have every right to decide what the do and don't want to push on their site. I may or may not agree with their choices, but they can decide the content of their offerings. They are not a government entity. It isn't censorship. If some Russian troll wants to design a game solely for the purpose of sowing outrage, they can publish it themselves. Valve is under no obligation host it on their site.


"building tools" indeed.


I'm no gamer, but didn't we cross this line a long time ago? If memory serves, Grand Theft Auto was extremely violent, and you got points for being evil. Kill a prostitute and get some money (according to Wikipedia).

A school shooting game is sick and disgusting, but not the first sick and disgusting video game out there.

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