well hey... Happy International Women's Day everyone! What a way to celebrate.
Is this the bill being talked about - HB 2307 ?…

How about we also pressure the house to actually vote on the bill removing personal belief vaccination exemptions, before more of them come down with whooping cough.…
I poorly written law that should not be approved. But a law that is necessary and both sides should stop playing politics, and come together and create something better. Patting the Dems on the back and badmouthing the Republicans doesn't get anything to help women.

This law states that the employer should modify or acquire new work stations to accommodate pregnant women, temporary transfers to less strenuous jobs, assistance for manual labor in order to not lift more than 20 lbs, and modified work schedules (extremely important for pregnant women), allowing time off to recover from child birth. I look at these things and I think "yea sure, women should get all of that". But the law also doesn't let the employer claim hardship for their loss. The law also does not require a letter from the doctor saying that these things are necessary "which doctors were more than willing to do for my wife when she was pregnant". The law also does not put limitations or specifications behind any of the rules, which leaves open a ton of room for law suites. This law could easily be fixed, and create better work environments for pregnant women.

Note to Dems: stop playing politics to make the Republicans look bad, and provide a good law that actually does what you want it to.

Note to GOP: If you are tired of being called anti women then do something about it. When the Dems write crappy laws fix them!!!!!!!! Protection for pregnant women is something everyone wants.

Note to Stranger: When you pic sides and don't push for something better from the Dems you are actually are not helping the situation. You are actually assisting the horribly decaying political system that we have now. At some time you and the other media representatives should call a duck a duck. Side note: The GOP was stupid to not to thumbs down the Dems prescription drug law, and replace it with the Oregon law which allows for the one year supply after a 90 day test period where women can find out what birth control works for them. Once again both parties fail!

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