After seeing this last night, I've been pondering whether prosecutors (should abortion be banned) could differentiate cleanly between performing an abortion (defendant A) or getting an abortion (defendant B - the mother), in all cases. They can't, it seems. Rachel has a valid point.
"Smaller Government" indeed.
Shrink the size of government... so they can stuff it in your vagina.
Between Krugman and Maddow the message that "Trump is only an unfiltered promoter of established Republican dogma" has almost reached the point where a significant fraction of non-Fox-ombies have come to accept that. Let's hope more folks promote this important yet obscured fact.
I'm not sure if this is what @1 is trying to say, but here's my question for the "Oh, no, we wouldn't prosecute the pregnant woman, just the person performing the abortion": So you would prosecute someone who self-induced one?
Right, just like how we don't prosecute Johns, only prostitutes. Or like how we only prosecute fences, not burglars. Or how we don't prosecute meth users, only dealers. Or...
Its asinine that the media is pretending Donald Trump is out of step with his party on punishing women for abortions and miscarriages. They are already doing it. Right now. In the United States. They are already putting women in jail for abortions and miscarriages.………
Everybody read #7 again. Do it. It's important.
Oh now come on everyone. Look at how good and wholesome everything would be if the U.S. banned abortion.…

Culture of life, people. Its because they care so much about women they want this to be law.
@5: Indeed, questions along those lines.
"Media's Big Blind Spot"

Would that be like their big blind spot over every single issue that threatens the corporatist status quo? I don't mean to minimize how that translates for their coverage of abortion but it's odd to discuss it as if corporate media didn't pretty much always behave like stenographers for establishment politicians.
If elective abortions are felonies ... would miscarriages be misdemeanors?

Over and over, the thing we need to hammer home is the simple fact that the other side wants to force us to give birth - all females who become pregnant, no matter our age at the time (11? 12?), no matter the circumstance, no matter if we are criminally insane, homeless, heroin addicted, already have 4 other children we can't feed, no matter that our battering husband has raped us yet again, or if we simply aren't fucking ready in any way shape or form to be a mother and it was a simple fucking MISTAKE, getting pregnant, and it's only 2 weeks out and the mistake can so easily be undone - they will not listen to nor care about ANY of the circumstances, or our preferences about our own lives and bodies. They intend to


Period. Each time. Every time.

A spectacularly disturbing notion.


Have to admit I did not know that shit in #7. That's scary.

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