One should not be really surprised when someone as blindingly privileged and sheltered as Lena Dunham does or says something incredibly stupid.
@1, BRAVO!!
Keeping it real classy in these comments I see
Lena Dunham is nothing but a talentless YouTube hack who thinks she's somehow "the shit". She's in the same mindless category of stupid such as Dave Rubin, Ben Shapiro, Ana Sarkeesian, and all the rest of the "I'm famous/important because I have a YouTube channel" crowd.

In the words of another YouTube moron Sargon of Akkad.."I wouldn't even rape her"
Abortion is a medical procedure. There is no more reason to be pro abortion and pro shame than there is to be pro tonsillectomy and pro shame.
Abortion is nothing other than the trauma of walking past protestors on your way into the facility.
@10: Because a zygote is no more a human life than a tonsil.
This biology 101 moment brought to you by biology 101.
@11: Oh and I'm sorry about your unrequited crush on Joshi, but don't you think you're getting a little creepy?
I mean it always comes back to her with you doesn't it?
Well, that and cuckholding

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