Illustration by Louisa Bergman


That's a great story.

I'm not happy with the hospital for those lactation consultant though.

Normally I have a "don't feed the trolls" policy but I also can't really stand the idea of only transphobic comments be on here. I'm a cis woman with two children, and I nursed both of them. The sensation she describes is common in many lactating women. It's an explosion of hormones and being so much more aware and appreciative of your body and the amazing things it can do.

Saying she is stealing the scene from her wife who gave birth is also redicilous. That discredits non birthing partners everywhere, including fathers in a heteronormitave marriage.

Finally, pronouns matter. It's a jerk move to call a woman a man/he/him just because that's how she was identified in the past. It'd be the same jerk move as meeting a childhood friend you knew as Davey and now as an adult he'd prefer Dave because he's a grown ass man. Would you still call him Davey?

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