The Queer Issue Jun 20, 2018 at 4:00 am

My dad says he knew something was up with me when I cut my hair.

Elaine Lin



This was a wonderful story. I wish you much happiness.


Lovely article. I am a Critical Care RN from the Seattle area and I recently moved to Silicon Valley where I now frequently care for Chinese people. Your article has in a way helped me to understand a tiny bit better how some of the Chinese families' who I have worked with have made certain decisions regarding certain aspects of care that I have struggled to have context for. Thank you.


Aw man, I took a coffee break and now I'm tearing up in the corner of the work kitchen.


A wonderful and touching story. Thank you for writing this.


Check out the pilot episode of the Nancy podcast from WNYC, where the two hosts discuss their different experiences of coming out to their Chinese parents. Another interesting perspective.

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