With a Few Notes About What I've Ordered Recently and Loved

The Noble Fir In Ballard +Russ


every friggin pie hole in that Noble Fir pic is white, nothing wrong with that, of course, but it puts the "Seattle is soooooooo diverse" thing on its ear...of course, it's in ballard which has a history of racism....
Great list! Please don't forget the Queen Anne Beer Hall and the Optimism Brewery. Both are great spaces to enjoy the beers served there.

The Hopvine remains a Seattle beer pub in the best sense of the word. Were it not for the HDTV monitor, it would look exactly the same as it did in the 1990s, right down to the framed column by Vince Cottone, legendary beer writer for the Seattle P-I.

(Oh, and while the Pike Brewery is once again owned by the founders, it went through a period where a big scary multi-national beverage company owned it. Perhaps our once-great Elysian will be reborn someday as well.)

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