Best Happy Hours for You and Your Dog

Local spots that welcome your furry best friend.


Twilight Exit was known for allowing dogs in the past, and I'm guessing that you're basing this on old info? (Like 5 years old info?) Perhaps they started letting dogs in again, but I was bummed when they changed the rule and I haven't noticed dogs there in years. Here is their old post that is still on Facebook: "Starting immediately dogs are no longer allowed in The Twilight Exit, even on the patio. The health dept has put the hammer down. If you want to know who/why is responsible for this check out yelp...hint 9/6/2012. It only takes a few to ruin it for the many."
Sam's joint, The Summit, has always been dog friendly,,,
The Barking Dog Ale House in Ballard is - obviously - pooch friendly.
The Stranger’s Doctor Science says you will all die from dog cooties if you do this. Beware.

I'm not sure I trust this so-called "Doctor" Science - what's his degree in?
I was in Lil Woody's on Saturday. Someone brought a dog in, the dog hopped up by the drink station to get a peek and the cook leaned over and patted it.

Fuck that place forever.