Amy Fleetwood
EVENT: She's in The Provok'd Wife at A Theater Under the Influence, where she is the managing director.

How long have you been married? "Gosh, when did I get married... three and a half years, I think."

Is marriage everything you thought it would be? "Oh dear. Uhm... my, my, my. Marriage is many things."

Name a few. "Oh god. Well, it's interesting being married to Craig [Bradshaw, director of The Provok'd Wife]...."

What's interesting about Craig? "Craig is a man of strong opinions. And so am I--a woman of strong opinions. I like being married to Craig, but it's all over the place."

Where do you go? "We go turtle-watching and we go bird-watching and bear-watching. And we go to loggerheads about running a theater company, at which point we go back to see the turtles."

And you have a baby now? "Yes, a nine-month-old baby, Sarita. I'm finding that having a baby is making the doing of theater very difficult. None of us gets paid for doing this play, and we're spending a lot of money paying for a baby-sitter at a time when I've left work and am staying home with the baby. So the doing of theater ends up costing a lot, in all kinds of ways."

You should put your baby in the show. "When she was five days old, Craig was going to put her in the show we were doing, Light Shining in Buckinghamshire. A scene where a woman is so poor that she's starving to death and has no milk, so she's leaving a baby on the steps of the mayor's house and trying to tear herself away. Craig thought we could put Sarita in for the baby."

And you decided against this? "I nixed the idea. She can go on stage when she chooses to, and not before then."

Because an actor's life is so hard and you didn't want to fill Sarita's head with glamour? "Exactly. I'm hoping she'll be a botanist."