Serin Ngai
EVENT: She wrote and co-stars in Sex in Seattle, an episodic theater piece loosely based on Sex in the City, but cast with four Asian American women.

Many people I know complain it's hard to meet people, let alone get laid, in Seattle. "I think there are plenty of exciting and sexy things about Seattle."

Like what? "The surroundings, I think we've got a great mixture of scenery and different things to do. There's a nice backdrop."

So the setting is sexy? "Yes."

All the pine trees and the mountains and the Sound. "Yes. And the nice tall buildings."

Have you had sex in the outdoors? "Actually, I have not. But I'm open to new experiences."

When I think of the mountains and forest and so on, I think of serenity, not arousal. "I like the dichotomy that people think of those places as serene, but that's what's sexy. I find the reversal in thought sexy. Does that make sense?"

So it's not the place itself you find arousing, so much as the contrast--being sexy in this supposedly calm environment. "Right."

Which makes it seem all the more odd that you've never had sex outside. "Maybe it's because of... uh... I guess I haven't unleashed that side of me yet."

If you were going to have sex outdoors, where would you want to do it? "On the beach."

Which one? Alki Point? Golden Gardens? "Alki."

Have you been encouraging your co-workers to come see your show? "They're all going, which is very exciting."

Do you think they'll see you in a different light afterwards? "They already do. If you call the hotline for the show, it sounds like we're some kind of escort service--I think I should have added the words 'theater' or something. Right now it says, 'If you want to make a message for Serin, press one, if you want to make a reservation for Sex in Seattle, press two.' People who have called [for me] have been a little surprised."