Aaron Loidhamer
EVENT: He plays live guitar accompaniment to the erotic and neurotic musings of Keri Healey's Cherry Cherry Lemon at Annex Theatre. [Note: The theater editor is also the artistic director of Annex; however, this is not an Annex production.]

I understand you're the beefcake for this show. "That's what the ladies tell me. I don't know if I'm too comfortable with it, but if that's what they want, that's what I'll give them."

Does that inflate your ego? "No, I wouldn't--jeez--I try to keep my ego in check."

Is this show a total chick flick or what? "At first I thought it was going to be, but when we did it at the Fringe Festival, it was an equal-opportunity employer."

By which you mean.... "The people who came up to me and commented on the show were both male and female. The two-women show got the ladies there, but when they dragged their boyfriends in, they liked it too. Is dragged the right word? It's going to get me in trouble, but oh well."

Do guys like to hear the girls talking dirty? "Now you know they do."

You're the longtime boyfriend of one of the performers. Does any aspect of your relationship get aired in the show? "Not unless they cloaked it really well. But there might have been some dirty little secrets shared in the pre-stages of the writing."

Stories told about you? "There might have been. Much to the playwright's amusement, I suspect."

Has she started looking at you differently? "I think our relationship as human beings has moved forward."

Do you display a lot of flesh in the show? "I've been told by Ms. Healey that for this run I'm supposed to show more."

Does that make you feel used, like an object? "No, no--I'm going to say no. We all come to the table with our different attributes and it's just how we use them."

Describe your attributes. "Oh, uh--my attributes would be a well-tuned guitar, a silent demeanor, and size 10 shoes."