Burton Curtis, Actor
Local theater superstar Burton Curtis appears in The Triumph of Love at the Seattle Repertory Theatre, 155 Mercer St, 443-2222. Through Feb 15.
Just what makes you think you're so goddamned talented?

"What? I don't think I'm so goddamned talented. It's just that this is the only thing I've ever been any good at.

So you're just worse at everything else?

"No, it's not that. Look, I had P.E. issues and I'm not necessarily the sharpest tool in the shed when it comes to physics. I'm not a moron, but this is the one thing I enjoy doing that I'm any good at. Okay?"

Are we having a fight?

"No, not at all. I just don't know how to answer that 'talent' question. I don't know what makes me think I'm so goddamned talented. You asked that question. You started this fight, man."

Are the dressing rooms at the Rep nicer than the dressing rooms at Re-bar?

"Hmm. That's a hard one. There's not a lot of personality in the dressing rooms at the Rep, and there's not a beer waiting for you at the end of the show. But I've got my own chair and my own mirror. And they call me Mr. Curtis."

Have you ever stolen a prop, costume, or set piece from the Rep?

"I have not. That's honest and true."

Do you have any plans to leave Seattle?

"I don't. In Seattle you can be a starving artist and have a reasonable quality of life. If Steven Spielberg called me tomorrow, I'd meet him for lunch, of course, but I'm not a barracuda. I don't want to fight to work. So was this a total bust of an interview?"

Interview by Dan Savage