I'll never forget the first time it happened. Strolling through the Central District, I passed a yard spiked with a realtor's sign boasting a name that was familiar but, in this context, beguiling. Did this person—a Seattle performance artist—have a real-estate doppelgänger? Was he doing method-style research for a deconstruction of Glengarry Glen Ross? No, he was just my first experience with the distinguished tradition of actors moonlighting as realtors.

What is the connection between performance and buying and selling real estate? A synergistic combination of fearlessness and self-starting drive? Is navigating the real-estate market spiritually akin to crawling through pudding, wearing a diaper? Fuck if I know, but realtor John L. Scott is currently hosting two of the town's most beloved performers: Seanjohn Walsh, a perf-art lifer best known for his work with New City Theater and the late, great Compound; and Sarah Rudinoff, the Stranger Genius Award–winning actor/singer/writer whose affinity for the gritty is clear from the poster for her solo show Go There, featuring a bewigged and bountiful Rudinoff hitchhiking nude.

Do performance-art skills cross over to real estate? "Absolutely," says Rudinoff, who once closed a major condo deal over the phone while dressed in a bear suit backstage at Seattle Rep. "For matching your clients' energy and comfort levels." Walsh says his credo for making theater is identical to his credo for repping real estate: "Whatever it takes."