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Kidd Pivot - Apple Cup mascot?

Did you see the weird humoungous offesensive tackle/guard for Texas tech??? 6 foot 8, 350lbs! the batman eye makeup! the Tattoos! the dyed blonde dreadlocked mohawk?! BEAST!! haha, they got their asses whooped.

go huskies
gosh, i sorry. have a fun time. the dance looks great and nice. who wants cares about football. or at least on an unrelated post.

we went to a new "peruvian" restarunt 2day. Dancers, peruvian? i suppose were on pLasma...TVs very nice view over her (dinner date) right shoulder, she watch over my left, actually vice versa, either way goodfd strategic plavcement of both tvs, or good seating by us/waiutress. The DANCING was, how they say International, One-Worldly? --- no snark at all - calm crazy outfit, ukranian style najovo? jingle bells gymnastics, chewing on foots, beely flop trumble break dance, happiness for Diners circumventing the stage (royal comanor's event) scottish sounding bagpipes playing violin oom pah pah, very mild. no sweat. sounds similiar to the fun at On The Bopards.

this 'grand opening' resataraunt was in a barren type of generic plaza (dental office? tuxedo rental?...) the type of plaza i memebre from Clolumbian City by the Busy Bee ("one pack of American Spirit ex-lights please?" chocolate milk? mr. goodbar, Lucky Penny Little Nickle!!classifieds?)

the plaza off to the right, befoire the postmodernist style bldg of Youth cultural center (Sanda? was one word, started with S....SEED) for classes and art workshop building there was a sad looking plaza style consumer go to place for goods, and was Pakistani or other sculture who eats and feeds us good lambvb meal kebob stuff and hang around place to talk avbbout women and Politics......
Mr. Kiley,

I saw the show last night and share your enthusiasm for it. It was as good as any dance I've seen on stage here recently. But do you really believe that this piece, if added to the PNB's repertoire, would be such a radical departure from the sort of works they have been performing of late? I think it would fit right in, though it may have less of an impact on a stage the size of McCaw Hall. But I am curious: what questions does Boal "ask" in his programming that this piece "answers"? Do tell.
Hello, Jim.

Questions about what's appropriate for a big ballet theater. Questions about the Balanchine hegemony on the American dance landscape. Questions about democratization of dance—sometimes he makes gestures to the esoteric and weird (Forsythe), sometimes towards the popular (Tharp's Sinatra Songs). Questions about whose taste should prevail at a major dance theater. Questions about what a ballet dancer's body should do. (They've been getting more fluid, more infused with modern technique, less like coat hangers in pretty wrapping paper.)

I'm not suggesting PNB program Kidd Pivot. But that performance achieves some things Boal has been striving for with his own corps.

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