Theater Dec 18, 2008 at 4:00 am

Pitching Shoes and Pitching Woo

They fly through the air with the greatest of ease.


My problem with the stage musical "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers" is that it removed most of the original music, some good solid songs, from the film. The Film is flimsy and silly, but embracing that made it fun to watch. Especially Julie Nemar at the real sized woman, one might say statuesque, next to all these tiny dancer girls. I would like to see this stage version as it seems to have caught some of the deeply silly movie.
I don't know if this is shoddy writing or shoddy editing, but let's have some Journalism 101, please? Fully identify the people you're talking about before you reduce them to their last name? Who is Narver? Why is Narver embarrassed about directing a musical? Why were you thinking so much about Narver that stopping thinking about her was noteworthy?

I know we're gearing up for Christmas and Seattle is shut down because of snow, but that was really sub-par criticism.
Hey Al:

Whoops. The first several sentences of that review got cut off somewhere along the line—they're in the paper, but not on the web. We'll fix it.
A review about "The Flying Shoes of Baghdad" is why people don't respect Stranger theatre reviews (or Charles Mudede's reviews for that matter). Leave this to Last Days. Run REVIEWS in your Theatre REVIEW section. Support local theatre. That is what the theatre community has been asking since the "Ten things..." article.
So let me get this straight, maggie: People don't respect our theater reviews because The Stranger doesn't run enough of them? And if they ran more of them, each individual review would improve by some sort of collective magic?

Is that how that works?
So, I've finally given up on that Klaus Nomi piece resurfacing. I would have to choose (not that my choices really had anything to do with how things turned out) between what looked to be promising art and cool weather.

Either way, I did enjoy your poetic spin on the bad situation. At the time, it made me feel a little bit better about the installation being postponed.

Are you guys staying up on whether this piece will be going up at the Hideout (or elsewhere) anytime soon? If so, where would one look for information on such a show?

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