On the Boards's 30th birthday party. From our calendar:

Intermission Impossible: A Party Celebrating 30 Years of On the Boards
When: Fri, Feb 20, 8 pm
Price: $15

A big party for the theater that won a Stranger Genius Award a few years back. It begins with a 7 pm showing of the cult film Shredder Orpheus (with performances by Carlo Scandiuzzi, now the executive director of ACT Theater, and Steven Jesse Bernstein, now deceased), continues with a cabaret (starring Allen Johnson, Erin Jorgenson, Amy O'Neal, Pat Graney, Waxie Moon, Joe von Appen, Degenerate Art Ensemble, and others), and concludes with a big karaoke party.

That big karaoke party will probably look a lot like this:

On the Boards artists, staffers, and hang-abouts: Amy O'Neal, Sara Edwards, Sarah Rudinoff, Lane Czaplinski.