Construct, by Tanja Liedtke at On the Boards, is marvelous: an oblique meditation on a love triangle and the way building a home with a person is a means to domesticating her (in this case, it's a her).

The themes are small-scale tragedy, but the dance is both comical and thrilling to watch. It begins with a man and his two women, playing mannequins—he's trying to keep them upright, setting one and running to prop up the other while the first falls. It's a vaudeville routine, using women as inanimate objects, that had the audience laughing at the visual jokes and gasping at the muscles required for a human being to really, actually, be as rigid as a doll.

It got better from there.

From the (very short) preview for Construct:

Last August, young choreographer Tanja Liedtke had a case of insomnia. She got up for a 2:00 a.m. walk around her neighborhood in Sydney, Australia, and was struck by a garbage truck. She died alone. Construct, her final work, is a North American premiere and may be your only chance to see Liedtke's choreography. A vigorous piece for three dancers with a score by DJ TR!P, Construct is a critically celebrated—and apparently funny—piece about a love triangle and the relationship between making a performance and making a home.

And here's a very short video of Liedtke dancing (the solo) in 2003's Cost of Living with DV8:

Get tickets if you can. Unlike many OtB shows, Construct is not having a Sunday performance. Apologies for my moronism.