... whether we took any pictures of the tearing-down of the iconic, 80 year old sign of the Paramount Theater in downtown Seattle (to be replaced with a replica that is 90% more energy efficient and made with lots of recycled aluminum by the Sign Factory of Kirkland for $616,000) the answer is yes.


They let me up to the vertiginous heights where Joey and Anthony said they were running out of Camel Lights and did I have any. I didn't.


Dont look down.
  • Don't look down.

During the lunch break Jim talked about seeing the Beastie Boys at the Parmount back in "what was that, '87?" Then he recited most of the lyrics to "Paul Revere."

"Have any good memories of the sign?" I asked. "Kiss anybody pretty under there?"

"Naw my wife'd kill me if I said that," Jim said.

"Hey Jim, I heard you boned a girl under that sign!" one of the other workers joked. "Just tell your wife you were making shit up to sound cool in The Stranger!"

Jim just grinned and kept on reciting: "I did it like this/I did it like that/I did it with a wiffle-ball bat."

More photos after the jump. And the new sign goes up starting 9 am tomorrow morning.