Theater Mar 12, 2010 at 11:00 am


And because Fat Pig is one of Neil LaBute's more uncomfortable plays—a skinny man dates a plus-sized woman until he realizes people are judging him for it

I imagine this does happen in real life but I'd also bet that most people don't dump someone they're crazy about just because other people are judging them for it. If most men aren't interested in "plus-sized" women, or most women aren't interested in short (or low-status or low-wealth) guys, it's not because they're worried about what other people think. It's because they don't find those people attractive or desirable.

I remember talking with a former girlfriend of mine last year about her being dumped by her boyfriend who was about ten years younger. She was absolutely convinced that he dumped her because of his concern about what other people thought. While that certainly could have been the case, I think it was easier on her ego to see it that way than to accept the fact that he more likely simply didn't see making a lifelong commitment to a woman who was much older than him.

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