If you don't have plans tonight, you should go see No...You Shut Up, Lauren Weedman's solo show at the Hugo House. Tickets for this evening are $15 instead of $20. You will not be disappointed.

Brendan wrote about the show in last week's paper, but I want to reiterate how fantastic Weedman is as a storyteller (and a performer).

I saw No...You Shut Up two years ago when Weedman workshopped it in Boise, so I expect the show's evolved a bit. But what impressed me at the time was how she tackles fractured family narratives—families with dead mothers, or two mothers, Weedman's own relationship with both her birth and adopted families—and by casting herself as the main dysfunctional element in every story, she's able to weave them together and show her audience how well these families work.

Weedman is frank and funny. Brendan liked the show, Dave liked it, I liked it—and as many people are quick to point out, we tend to hate everything. Go see for yourself.