Theater Sep 23, 2010 at 4:00 am

Intiman's New Molière Production Is Both Creaky and Cloying

Chris Bennion


No, not all the jokes worked but they made Moliere FUN's supp. to be funny and dirty and sophomoric. Usually Moliere productions are dry as toast despite the tit/poop/dick jokes.
got so tired of them going to the fun-kay well though all the middle-aged people from Tacoma sitting around me thought it was hilarious everytime. Seattle Shakes and the Rep have successfully done Moliere in the past few years and they were alot more fun than this.
True dat Michael. The most boring Moliere I ever saw was an "acclaimed" production of "Le Misanthrope" by a fringe company in Paris - maybe three chuckles in the entire 2 1/2 hour performance.

This production seemed to be trying SO HARD to be funny - and you just know when they start rolling out the "local rural reference joke #37" that you're dealing with something that's only slightly above community dinner theatre in terms of the level of actual wit on display.

Kudos to the cast and musicians for soldiering through this, but seriously, I'd rather watch "Duck Soup"...
Michael, your argument seems to be that this production is passable because it wasn't as deadly dull as it could've been...

And that's not an endorsement. That's an excuse.
sigh. they never learn, these modern mollier-ers.…
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