It's poor form to post rumors without giving the subject of those rumors a chance to respond, but...

Over at Just Wrought, local playwright Paul Mullin has posted a rumor—a startling one:

Okay, honestly, when I posted "Let’s Put a Bullet in the Ugliest Rumor" on Monday I had no idea that the Managing Director of Intiman, Brian Colburn would be tendering his resignation for "personal reasons" that very same day.

And I sure as hell didn't know anything about the rumor now running rampant today on the inside of Seattle's regional theatre scene that Intiman is on the edge of going belly-up. I am hearing that "They are a million in debt, haven't paid taxes, health care, union dues, or L&I, and have spent their endowment and bonds."

Unsourced quote, no attempt to confirm, no story. Right?

So I called and emailed Intiman today around 3:30, expecting them to immediately call bullshit and... haven't heard anything back by now, the end of the day. Which doesn't mean much.

But the silence is starting to make me feel itchy.