The dying theater industry takes on the dying newspaper industry.
  • The dying theater industry takes on the dying newspaper industry.

Paul Mullin and the other playwrights who brought us It's Not in the P-I are keeping on with this idea of "living newspapers"—they do some reporting and then write plays, instead of articles, about what they find. They're on the media beat, turning the drama of dying newspapers and changing media into stage drama, and have dubbed themselves NewsWrights United. (Facebook page here.)

On Monday, Nov 15, they're throwing a party for either the death or rebirth of journalism—depending on how you feel about the situation. People will be offered a free glass of champagne or shot of rye, depending on whether they feel like they're at a party or a wake. And there will be a bar.

Also up that night, a panel discussion with folks from across Seattle media-land, including Horsey, Art Thiel, Josh Feit at Publicola, and (for some reason) me:

We'll offer up a preview scene from our upcoming Living Newspaper, The New New News, and highlight the evening with a panel discussion on new media and journalism moderated by NewsWrights producer Tom Paulson and featuring Pulitzer Prize-winning P-I political cartoonist Dave Horsey, Monica Guzman of, Mark Higgins, Metro Editor at Seattle Times, Publicola's Josh Feit, local sportswriting legend Art Thiel, The Stranger theatre critic Brendan Kiley, and Chris Grygiel, coordinator of political coverage for the P-I blogs.

Panel discussions are, by definition, deadly dull. I will do my best to keep everyone awake and alive (myself included). Hopefully, there will be fisticuffs.

It's at 7:30 pm at the upstairs gallery at Theater Off Jackson in the International District.

Tickets are $20 at