Ever think about writing an article about the "Death of Comprehension".

Does this have anything to do with playwriting or not?

By the end, it seems not...and it's just a panel about blog writers talking about how no one buys newspapers. At which point, someone will note how the newspapers now are everyone can keep their homes in Greenlake.

Or did I not get it?
Uh, the answer would be... you don't get it, Supreme.

In the first sentence of the quote it says we'll be offering a preview scene. This has to do with playwriting because I'm a playwright and and I wrote it (with Dawson Nichols) and it's a play.

You know what else we're covering in the play?

Douchebag anonymous blog commenters.
You probably know this already, but Living Newspapers were actually a Federal Theatre project, during the WPA. So this is a long way from being a new idea and, in fact, since we're heading into a second Great Depression, is actually pretty timely.
sounds like meta-recursive butthole-gazing

does that pay?
Hey Judah, we give all props to the WPA and their living newspapers, so we're quite aware that this is not a new idea. Of course, theatre ain't exactly new itself.

Little known fact: Seattle was one of the cities where living newspapers played big and strong back in the 1930's.

And @#4, yes it does pay. We've got a grant from Vulcan and from 4Culture. It ain't a living wage, but then again, very little is in both theatre AND journalism these days. But enough about me, how 'bout douchebag anonymous commenting? You making a living off that?
Paul: Don't mind me. I'm just bitter because I pitched this idea to Bret two years ago, but never had a chance to follow up on it.
Well, Judah, if it's any consolation, everything I've ever pitched to Bret got turned down too.
Uh, hello? ABotD? Anyway, he didn't turn it down. He quite liked the idea. I just didn't get a chance to work on it due to other life stuff. It was sort of on my list for next spring, when I hoped to have more time. I guess now I'll just have to finish that novel.
Strictly speaking, Judah, Mike Shapiro, an Annexer with even more history than I, pitched that one. Though true, I was the happy beneficiary of that pitch.

One word: "Tuesday". I recall that pitch session very well, although granted, Dawson was there with you as director, so he gets half the credit.

And c'mon guys, you know how we do things at Annex: nobody pitches to JUST the A.D., you gotta get buy-in from the entire Company if you want your project accepted.

It's just the way we roll...
Ah, but Chris, again, I have you on a technicality, because it was Gilllian Jorgenson who was AD at that time, not Bret.

As for the group buy-in thing, that's new to when I was involved with Annex. Back in the day, it was all Narver, and I'm pretty sure you had to be f%cking her. Thus, THE SEPTARCHY never got out of the black box and on to the mainstage at 1914 4th.
1916 4th, thank-you-very-much. And when speaking of fucking we should probably stick to first names, this -is- the internet after all.

So no, no new idea. Of course, bright lights such as yourselves will recognize an echo of this brief exchange in so -many- postings on the SLOG where people hold forth on having seen it previously, and where. The digital world is eternal and undying. You no longer have to be original, but you do have to attribute - as best you can. If only to add to the bread-crumb trail of those running it down to the source. I'm not saying that Paul needs to lards mentions of the WPA in his Facebook invite - even the scholarly world knows that breaks up the flow. That's where we got foot- and end-notes, right?

Anyway, I'm looking forward to it. We've got to keep the 'burg on the cutting edge.
You're right, Stephen. I couldn't figure out how to delete that comment. I would if I could.
I want to see the economic theories of Paul Krugman delivered through interpretive dance.

Governments are pushing fiscal austerity when the economy lacks liquidity. The power of dance can show the world that increased deficit spending could provide the defbrillating shock our economy needs to escape its cardiac arrest.

Where are the journallerinas?

This fiscal austerity could be our demise, according to Maestro Krugman. Choreographers, where are you?
SM9, you may just be tomfoolering, but I think that sounds kinda hot.
A post-mortem for anyone interested.…

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