I cannot stand people who cannot stand complaining.
This is such bullshit. I can't believe you just wasted my time with this drivel.
Yeah, I was surprised that your glowing review for "Hamlet" got no comments altogether. So your negative reviews get infinitely more comments.

Want to let you know though that I wouldn't have seen Hamlet were it not for your recommendation. And I'm glad I went.
There should be no ghettoizing of unregistered comments on this complaint thread!
The more acclimated authors become to the prevailing tone of the internet, the worse their writing is bound to become.
i praise complaints about porn novels.
You've got a point. I watched Juno on TV this weekend, and now I'm ecstatic to have a forum to almost-segue into what a terribly shitty movie that was. How the fuck did it win Best Screenplay? The shitty screenplay was the worst part of the movie!

See? See also: why Yelp is useless (at least in SF, which some claim to be a local phenomenon.)
Oh, come on, I liked Juno. But it wasn't exactly a great year for movies, either, which explains a lot.
I think it takes more energy to proclaim a postive reaction.
Somewhat related: The Google Search Engine and the Upside of Rudeness

The rare times I'm incensed enough to write a scathing review (or any review) is when I've watched/read something that I HATED and that everyone else inexplicably loved.
@11, wasn't that a great article! Such lovely detail, background, investigation, presentation, and accompanying art.
fuck you
@12 - Exactly. I wouldn't expend the energy to badmouth some never-gonna-be-heard-from-again author. If I buy a shitty book or see a shitty film—well, they can't all be winners. But when something I find truly awful is overwhelmingly declared "great", I feel the need to pipe up on the off chance people might see it my way and I can save someone the aggravation.

Or, it just feels good yell at a mountain from time to time.
@11. Thanks for that link.

@12. I think that is often true. I buy a lot of textbooks, and you never see a lot of reviews on Amazon books unless the first review is an obvious glowing 5-star planted review. They're easy to recognize: they are long and detailed and perfectly written. I once bought a child psychology book that was just gibberish; it had very poor, unsubstantiated science and contained horrible grammar and many many mispellings. Plus, of course, it was very expensive because it was considered a medical text. Anyway, I went back to the site to see if anyone agreed with me, and of course the average rating was 5-stars, so I just blew up. I wrote a long, detailed scathing review complete with several direct quotes, etc. And then ANOTHER 5-star review showed up. And then other real customers started writing negative reviews and it got very big very fast. We real customers might not have bothered if those 5-star reviews weren't there to say "fuck you" to our good judgement.
@8 I agree Juno was horrible. Also, Yelp is annoying, though it can be quite entertaining if you Yelp on your place of work.

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