Well, looky here!

ACT Theatre hasn't officially announced that they're going all pay-what-you-can tickets, every day for every show, but it's up on their website. The catch is that you have to get the tickets day-of, in person, starting at 1 pm. But it's still a bold move to tell the world that anyone can get a PWYC ticket to any show and not just for one or two performances during the run.

(I remember working at the ACT ticket office in the old days for PWYC shows—some people would come in and pay for their tickets in dimes and nickels, and I thought that was great. It was a pain in the ass for me and everyone else at the ticket counter, of course, but the noble principle of the thing outweighed the inconvenience.)

Regular Sloggers will recall a controversial post last week in which I suggested that $50 tickets to ACT's current show (Pilgrims Musa and Sheri in the New World, review here) were too expensive for some people who'd like to see it.

Looks like ACT was thinking the same thing.

*Or at least for the foreseeable future.