Jen, just to be clear, I was "the sniffer" not "the animal".
Hahahahaha. Thank you.
hmm, what should i do tonight? Go to the Genius Awards or OTB. Easy choice, thanks SBC.
It seems like you wasted most of your night attempting to figure out how to approach the evening, rather than just letting the event happen. I had a great time wandering around and stumbling into whatever popped up in front of me. The biggest problem of the night, much like real life, was wondering if I was missing something else that was happening in another room at the same moment--was something else more interesting happening over there? That anticipation/curiosity was what fueled the night for me. I must have done at least 20 laps around OTB throughout the course of the night talking, seeing, drinking, and doing all that I could. I still feel that I didn't get to see everything. I didn't want the night to end and couldn't have had more fun. Impromptu birthday parties, a stressed out stage manager, an amazing mc/poet, dancing, wheel barrel races, voodoo trailers, monologues, lounge style piano playing in a home depot style lighting display, dancing at Stompy's, black light elevator, and reasonably priced drinks made $15 seem like I should have paid more. It was a three ring circus without a master of ceremonies--just like real life.
Sad...sad and sorta embarassing, for you Jen , Seattle's art scene, and for them and their dealer. For a group of lofty blow hards who have recieved FAR TOO MUCH exposure, acclaim, attention, and validation for a whole lot of nuttin' when there are so many worthy being overlooked by you-it is plain shame and really foolish. As Miss Stein so aptly said(paraphrased of course) when you get there, there is no there-there...except a "party". "Boring stop beating that f*#cking dead horse and come meet boring!" would be rightly applied here.
Oh, and Jen and SBC-have you ever seen Nancy Rubin's work?
or ever heard of Allan Kaprow???
Everything these guys do is a jacked rehash...and you should see that and know better Jen
Kudos for you to be brave enough to tell the truth(sorta) but shame on you for buying in and giving way too much of your airtime to all this bullshit when you could be doing so much more good Jen.
"Awards sell tickets, and they're a clever publicity stunt." -Tony Randall
The Dude: "Yeah, well, you know, that's just, like, your opinion, man."

No need to ramble here, but like, yeah I probably will anyway. I think
this experience has evolved each night so far to bring something unexpected
out of the presentation. I think that "schedule" wasn't so much a schedule but
possibly a booklet thanking all the performers involved. It certainly did not
mention everything that's happened or will happen. I also think people have
stepped out of their comfort zones and had fun. It's most definitely rooted
somewhere in the little experiences that we miss in our day-to-day lives, so

@5 I think yeah, there can be some Kaprow influence, but I think that even he
would agree that just because his work was informed by the mundane life
doesn't mean that no one can ever touch it again ever.

@7 "Informed" -that hackneyed, overly abused, faux lofty art history term is well, a conversation all it own. But to address your use of it in this case informed comes from the root information. Info about art and artists is meant as just that-info-not a crutch or well from which to dip into when your well is dry-and they are bone dry.
"Art=original thought"... Try it folks. You too Jen
schill spill
SBC are mischevious and slightly clever, but honestly boring. Glad I missed it. Vodka would have helped numb the pain.
I believe it was Einstein who said, "To poop on a calculator may be the most prominent way to give a shit less". I think a dadaist might find the distance of a comment thread from human experience/conversation as hilarious. End Scene.

shyster meisters
i thought it felt like a big artsy fartsy party
The guy singing "I Can't Make You Love Me" was named Matt Millikan. Just thought I'd mention it since it wasn't in your artical. Boy could he sing too. Never seen anything like that before.
The guy singing "I Can't Make You Love Me" was Matt Millikan. I just thought I'd mention it since it wasn't in your artical. Boy did he blow my socks off too. Never seen that kind of emotional abandon in a singer before.

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