Theater Aug 23, 2012 at 11:00 am


BTW, tonight is a Pay What You Can performance. So if you want to see this sexy, hilarious show for super-cheap, you should definitely go!
Doesn't the show defeat the purpose of what is supposedly satirizing? Just curious. I'd watch anything anyway, I have an open mind :)
It's not a satire; it's more of an homage.
It's really funny, sick, and sexy, too. I hope they'll extend the run or remount it, but Annex's whole deal is producing new work, so they don't do that very often...
An homage to what, the good old days of female exploitation? Yeah, that sounds like a time I want to revisit.
Maybe join the the Girl Army and fight for change instead of playing into the status quo and making the boys happy by getting your tits out and calling it a quaint homage.

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