At a dinner party last night, I overheard the following:
"Who was that ballet dancer? You know, the one from The Muppets?"
"You mean Baryshnikov?"
Oh lordy, I about died. I mean, while I'm a huge theatre geek, my dance knowledge is pretty non-existent. But I still new Mr White Nights pretty well, and not as "that guy from The Muppets," either. Ha!
(crud. Knew, not "new." I need an edit button)
I'm old enough to remember when Baryshnikov defected from the old Soviet Union, and remember him at the height of his fame. But he's 60+ years old now. That's like 200 years old for a dancer. His joints are probably a gnarly seized up mess. No way he is actually going to dance.

Fun fantasy, though. I'll give you that.
i saw him in 1991 at the fifth avenue theater with white oak dance group. he danced in works by morris, lubovitch and graham. one of the best dance programs i've ever seen.
@3, here's a clip of him doing "In Paris" at Spoleto this year. Enjoy!…
@3 -- he's still dancing. Sure, he stopped the virtuosic ballets of his youth, but he has performed regularly in contemporary works throughout the years. A nice interview with him when he was performing in Israel in 2010:…

At 64, he is still one of the most beautiful dancers I have ever seen. The maturity in performance that has replaced his soaring leaps is stunning.
@1 - I think that it's Rudolph Nureyev you're thinking of on the Muppet Show. He danced with a giant pig puppet, in "Swine Lake."…
@7. Nice! It was a conversation I'd overheard, not my own thought. I'll have to share with those involved.
It's for sure - confidential sources

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