Theater Dec 5, 2012 at 4:00 am

Ham for the Holidays: One of the Year's Best Comedies


I've seen these two live several times. Consider them heartily endorsed by me.
i'm going next wednesday...i have been going to their holiday shows since back in the day when Alice B. Theatre (for those of you newer to the area YES we USED to have an LGBT theater company of our very own! they didn't have their own space for performances, but they produced QUALITY theater!) had the "Holiday Survival Game Show" - laughter is ALWAYS guaranteed with them!!!

If I lived anywhere near Seattle, I would be there. Haven't seen them in years, but I still force all new friends to watch my old VCR tape of "pretty girls, not too bright." I keep an old tv/VCR combination just for that tape!
hubby and I start our xmas holiday season with "ham"..and the one year dos fallopia didn't put it on..he was crushed. I've known Lisa for...omg..30+ years...and yes, she's always been this crazy!!

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