Theater Jan 16, 2013 at 4:00 am

The Book of Mormon Lives Up to Its Hype

Dirty, packed with talent, and very gay. Joan Marcus


Word is they're already mounting a 2nd National tour. It will be back.
It's much more than word. The company that is currently performing in Chicago will sit down there until ticket sales dwindle, and then they'll be on the road as the second national tour. Granted, that may take a LONG time, but that's been the plan for that production from the beginning.
Baby rape jokes are funny? Any rape joke is funny? I suppose if I made a funny about the recent school shooting you would laugh your arse off at that? Have you ever been raped or know someone that has? Take them to the show, and after this particular point in it ask them if they thought it was funny.
@3 maybe you should leave the comfort of the US to serve a Mormon mission in an impoverished third-world country, or maybe listen to the song in context before getting all harpy.

I love that not only did two brilliant artists take a life event of mine (before I came out and also became atheist) and not only make a show out of it, but pretty much the best show ever.

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