Theater Feb 20, 2013 at 4:00 am

War Horse Is a Cartoon for the Stage


Actually, I like most Cirque productions, but War Horse was just a big waste of time (and it's a lot of wasted time, because it is waaaaaay too long for such a short amount of actual plot). Sure, the puppetry was fairly cool, but it wasn't "3 hours of my life" cool.
Ugh, calling War Horse tedious and insipid would be praising it too highly. Budweiser told the same story much more effectively in its Super Bowl commercial. Here, watch it and save yourself many hours and many dollars. You're welcome.…
I pity you people. I'm not trying to be nasty, I just feel sorry for you that your intelligence prevented you from experiencing one the finest pieces of theatre ever put on the stage. You have to participate with your imagination for this work. Otherwise stay home on your couch and continue to enjoy the beer commercials you think tell a better story. Yes winning countless awards is nice. But this play touches thousands every day. And in the end, that is what truly matters. Live theatre is the best! It's too bad your cynical and jaded minds prevented you from experiencing the beauty, stillness and power of War Horse . . .

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