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Dayna Hanson's Dance Theater About a 2010 School-Board Shooting

A massage therapist becomes a mass shooter. Pierre Borasci


WTF? Clay was my dad, he was not some massage therapist shooter, not to me. His soul? He had me in high school, joined the military and between the GI bill and my mom put himself through college, he worked for years for the Florida Department of Land Management and managed the Marina at Tyndall AFB....He had adult onset bipolar disorder and alcoholism, he went to prison in the late 90's after the government tried to have him hospitalized under the baker act...unfortunately I didn't know until he was incarcerated. very unbelievable, crazy time...when he was released my grandmother put him up next door to her with his 3rd wife, my dad was unable to get a job collect his social security or get SSI, yes he should have been approved for SSI he was very ill....My aunt called me in Colorado 12/14/2010 and told me "your dad didn't make it to the hospital they shot him" I avoided the internet, but it aired on my local news....I cant begin to describe the level of despair we felt...I miss my dad...May the sun shine upon your face, may the road always rise to meet you and until we meet again may god hold you in the palm of his hand...Love Jessy
Dear Dayna,
I received a post in facebook this morning linking me to the dance about my dads death. I was so upset at first, however after listening to your interview with Vamio I....I'm profoundly touched and taken by your sheer humanity. I want to express my.....well my gratitude, my dad had me very young, in high school, and I was his only child, what they didn't portray in the media is that he was an Air Force veteran, A college graduate, and formerly worked in Floridas Department of land management, as well as managing the marina at Tyndall AFB in PCB, I just...I don't know the media coverage was so ugly, my dads grandma aunt, uncle, my girls, there are no answers...I appreciate the sincerity and truth your piece has brought to his death...I miss him and hope he has found peace...he went to school at EWU in Spokane actually, stationed at Fairchild, he always loved independent films, college plays, we used to go to the theatre regularly, I just wanted you to know that he had a life worth living, With warmest regards, Jessica Duke-Pohlman
For months after the shootings at Columbine High School, much hand wringing and crying in private took place over any student who would punch you in the mouth instead of crying for help.
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