I love the Jesus Christ Superstar soundtrack. I love the Muppets. It doesn't get much better than this:

Just in time for the upcoming Easter weekend comes Muppet Christ Superstar, an “album” of nine songs from the 1971 rock opera Jesus Christ Superstar—with the lead characters recast as Muppets. Kermit plays Jesus, of course, with Gonzo playing his backstabbing friend Judas and Miss Piggy filling the role of Mary Magdalene.

And voicing all those roles is 20-year-old songwriter Christo Graham, the mastermind behind the parody and a drama and film student at Bishop’s University in Quebec.

Graham's Kermit is a little strained—hell, the Kermit voice in the new movies is strained—but this is just about the best Easter present imaginable. Take a listen.

(Deep bows to Scary Tyler Moore for this tip.)