Yes, let's definitely give a man the benefit of the doubt when it comes to speaking about/on behalf of a social media conversation about women's experiences. I'm sure there's nothing that could possibly go wrong.
Meh, Mike has done five or six other shows since TAATEOSJ, os it's not like this is some sort of come-back, nor do I believe it's intended as-such. This is just another way for the collective Interwebs to exhibit both their short attention-spans and knee-jerk outrage impulse.
What @2 said. I saw his Ayn Rand show and his American Utopias show a year ago here in Seattle and enjoyed them a lot. I think I remember complaining about the Stranger seeming to ignore him at the time. He's also done his 28 part phases of the moon marathon, a piece about Rob Ford, and all sorts of other stuff.

He has never, is not, and never will be a journalist. The whole TAL thing is ridiculous. And the question of whether the Steve Jobs show was reality or fiction should be settled by the fact it was a theatrical presentation at the Rep. Spoiler alert. The characters in Virginia Woolf weren't real either.
Further, why anyone would think Daisey's word was going to be the final one on anything is silly. He talks about stuff. People still do potty training jokes even though Ray Romano covered that area pretty well over a decade ago.
Is he local? In some way?
His Twitter page shows what looks like Mount Rainier?
@5: No, he's just kind of a large dude.
Please don't be coy.
Also, I changed the title:
Is the beard disguise?
Either way, it's a p.r. mess. But I'm holding my breath—and any critiques—until I've actually seen the damn show. I figure he's owed at least that much.

Fuck that. Your time is zero-sum, and he's. a. liar. Why does a willful liar deserve a second chance?

He has never, is not, and never will be a journalist. The whole TAL thing is ridiculous.

Except that his explicit understanding with TAL was that he was doing journalism, which is why he had a fact-checker. Who he lied to. Fuck him.
Are you calling @1 incorrect?

Are you male? If so, you may not offer such an opinion.
@5: Yes, he used to live in Seattle. (He was a co-worker at one point.)

Oh boy, I am so looking forward to listening to you unpack the meaning of the term "mansplaining."
@8 This is great:

In a brief, meteoric career with This American Life, his shows are among the most listened to and downloaded episodes of that program’s nineteen year history.

Either way, it's a p.r. mess.

"The only thing worse than being talked about, is not being talked about."

I love it when Stranger writers pretend not to know how publicity works.
I think "shameless" is the word people are searching for. I'd forgotten him and I'm sorry I was reminded.
@8 listening to you try and cover for your fabrications on This American Life pretty much demonstrates to me that I don't want you for an advocate. The level of self aggrandizing you do with your appealing to the integrity of the work (which isn't there) is embarrassing and difficult to listen to at the least.

I don't want to hear you exploiting an emotional moment, knowing that my interests will be brought under the scrutiny of the paradigm of your lack of credibility. You could find other ways to help besides attaching your name to a cause, which you will damage by doing so. I don't need to hear you manufacture feelings of compassion over things that happened to other people. You are not helping.

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