Theater Jan 7, 2015 at 4:00 am

One-Man Show Celebrates, Re-creates a Musical Epiphany


"This should be playing before every ball game!"

...especially since the guys who wrote the music and words to "take me out to the ball game" had never even been to one.
This blogger's perspective obviously has flourished in an era when freedom has been noticeably diminished. The only "freedoms" that are encouraged (flaunted, see the young lady's opinions above) are solipsistic gratification as approved by the material culture at large (shorthand for "our corporate overlords") and how money can be made off upscale consumption.

Hence the nature of these pseudo-journalistic "observations" themselves an example of what "bloggers" strive to ignite as a "voice".

So sad. All music lifts you higher, not just the styles you came of age with. Same could be said for culture in general but then your cultural memory would have to go back several hundred years, a feat few will be capable of before too much longer.

Jazz is a giant that grew from this soil. Jazz is what freedom is all about.

Condolences to those without a thought for the pioneers who made something this great.

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