Theater Mar 18, 2015 at 4:00 am

The Uncomfortable, Necessary Discussion of Race, Privilege, and Power

We Are Proud to Present a Presentation… is a squirm-inducing pressure cooker of a play about one multiethnic (and very unhappy) theater ensemble. Tanya Izadora


So....with only 35 seats available per night, what are the chances anyone here has seen the play?
Wow. So that sounds like a totally unfortunate way to spend an evening.
Well, on the strength of the Stranger's recommend we saw this play and it was well worth the time. Incredibly well done and moving, and at times incredibly funny - if you are up to the challenge please see this play.
What are the chances of anyone seeing it? Pretty damn good.

And it was a totally triumphant way to spend a Thursday night...if you dare.

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