I always thought if someone files a complaint about nudity, the cops are obliged to put a stop to it regardless of whether there's any lewd behavior. No?
Doesn't sound like she knows much about theater/theater history. Perfect person to write about theater. Good goin', Times! So embarrassing.

And Christopher, why would you not want to be the person who knows about Hair? Whether you like the musical or not (and many do not/did not), it was groundbreaking theater. More importantly, it shows that you know more than what's in your comfort zone, and you accurately know about subjects that were before your time. I think that's something really kinda special.

Now, if you know three original cast members, I'll really be bowled over
Coincidentally, my grandparents were there at the opening, and apparently the cast of Hair waited nude in the lobby after the show to meet and greet the audience.
It's "au naturel."
I'm sure I'm a prude & all, but I'd not mind it being illegal. Seems like the only reason any sane would do it would be as an attention grab and those types of people suck (case in point being the bike ride, though this is at least an attention grab with a stated purpose.) Down here in Portland we had a weirdo walking around a couple years ago who garnered himself a bunch of media attention. Mission accomplished.

There are nudist colonies out there to provide the exceedingly rare non-attention starved nudists an outlet, which should be fine.
I sure hope theatre "critic" Prudie McPrude-Prude doesn't go to a production of "Take Me Out."
It had full-frontal when I saw it at the Old Globe in San Diego ten years ago, and nobody walked out. (Yes, Frizzelle, in SoCal.) Strangely, there were a lot of lesbians in the audience . . .
@5, when the weather's hot enough, it's a perfectly sensible choice. Now, show me a nudist in a snowstorm, and I'll show you somebody begging for attention.
I would say most people that do the naked bike ride in Portland aren't looking for personal attention. When you're one in a sea of ten thousand that ride you don't feel like you're being watched. For that one night, nudity and acceptance become social norms and it's a beautiful thing. Wish it was like that all the time.
Approximately 30 years ago police officers arrested some lesbians who were sunbathing nude in the Arboretum for being naked. The officers did not allow the women to dress before they were marched to a patrol car and driven to the jail in the Public Safety Building at 3rd and Cherry.
Maybe Ms Berson was so shocked by the end of Act I that she walked out never to return? For her, in other words, it was the show's finale.
I believe the issue in public is more about women, and going topless.
Apparently naked is OK, and topless is OK for men... go figure.
Even women with double mastectomies seeking relief in the heat or use of a public pool, legal trouble can ensue when others make complaints to law enforcement.

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