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fuck you, you suck.

that's how to review shitty things. don't go and make it about yourself.
@1 I dunno --- I think a review should be rather subjective -- it's all about the reviewer's experience. We can decide how full of shit/themselves they are and adjust our expectations accordingly. ;)
Dammit, I wanted to see that. Oh well. I might still go anyway. I love "horrorible" Christmases.
"No, How JOLLY our Christmas will be."-Jack Skellington.
@2 yeah but in this case I think he spent more words describing his idea of the audience than the actual content of the show itself. He doesn't go so far as to suggest "if you go, you too will be surrounded by this same approximation of morons," of course, but apparently the new editorial direction in general is to bank on your shocking snark than demonstration of any journalistic skill.
Insulting the audience? Is that how The Stranger is reviewing things now? Not impressed. This isn't a review, its an internet troll.
The ultimate rip off of late is ST3. Your pathetically lame review of Krampus Christmas is in keeping with the Stranger's ability to assess the value of anything apparently. Completely backasswards. Perhaps you might have a little more respect for the people that pour their heart and soul into the creation of pieces like this instead of pissing all over them. Still, I guess the old adage is true. "Those who can do, those who can't, teach; and those who can't teach, become critics."
I don't mind you ripping on this, but you might consider offering up another holiday themed option at the end. Instead you direct us to another play that apparently features "a narrative about a family trying to make it through tough times (medical issues, addiction)." Sounds deep and all, but maybe not suitable as a fun holiday outing, you know? Honestly, recommending that after pissing all over this production makes you sound rather joyless, and thus untrustworthy.
#2, yeah, my bad. the snarkiness I so despise is in mine own heart as well. As for the reviewer being a worse person now, don't blame a play for the person you choose to be. This sort of comes off as a bit of a shill.
Are we really so out-of-touch, that $35 can be just thrown away on a performance, that clearly none of you are holding to any creative standard of a place that calles themselves a "theatre"? You all ought to be thanking Rich Smith for saving you $35. In fact, I wish I had read this review before wasting my money on a ticket for this very show, that was no better than a podunk spook house, whose $10 cups of corn syrup and food coloring (masquerading as "cocktails") outshined the acting.

Typical Seattle - in a self-righteous attempt to look like a hero, jumping to the rescue of the one you perceive as the "victim" - in this case, the SIT. When in fact, attendants are the real victims here - spending $35+ on an evening of entertainment, only to be vastly disappointed. They're not the victim, they know exactly what they're doing - it's highway robbery, at best. I'm curious to know why having standards is so demonized in this city.

Get real with yourselves.
@harr1son8807 I saw the show as well, and must say that your comment seems a little off kilter. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, and found your assessment "podunk spook house" to be completely inaccurate. No matter what he felt about the performance (his opinion was never actually mentioned in this review), his use of language to bully and make fun of the other audience members is reprehensible. Also, since we are mentioning misogynistic, elitist faults in this "review", I think we should think before blaming a Christmas show for making us a worse person. That's all you, buddy.
I have no idea if you're good at your job. I just know after this ...

"PR people tell me that my reviews are hard to excerpt. I'm not at all keen on altering my sentence structures for promotional purposes ..."

you don't give a fuck about readers.
Does Rich Smith know what day it is? Because it's definitely not the 21st yet. Maybe he was so busy jacking off his own cruel ego he didn't notice? As humans we are all entitled to hate or love any subjective piece of art. But also as humans we have developed frontal lobes which *allegedly* are supposed to give us a sense of tact. Not only is this review astoundingly mean, it has virtually no content. Isn't it interesting that a review criticizing a play for being boring and contentless is itself boring and contentless? We surely won't be reading any of his words in the Washington Post or any other credible news site any time soon...
Nothing like a review where there reviewer comes off like an internet troll.
*the reviewer
Like other commentators have noted, this review seems to be trying to judge Krampus as a piece of serious theatre as opposed to an interactive experience that is unique and light hearted. God forbid that the audience members allowed themselves to laugh at the silly jokes and interact with the set! I do wish that the script and storyline had more depth but the costumes and set were fantastic. Each 'room' of the maze allowed you to interact with the environment of the play in a totally new way and each one was different from any other way I have been staged as an audience member in various immersive productions. The production achieved some amazing feats of design, in my opinion, and succeeded in creating experiences that were inventive, immersive and memorable. Whether you want to spend $35 on this type of a production is up to you but, you know, don't buy the $10 spiked hot chocolate and complain that it's sweet. You know what you're getting and for the record, it's actually pretty tasty.
hildebeest is having the spiritual krampus this Christmas...her putrid soul is writhing against the joy she sees surrounding her. The jealousy and contempt for the happiness others (them racist, homophobe, xenophobic, misogynistic clingers) feel this season is like a poppy seed stuck in the cavity you feel everytime she bites down.

I sure as hell pity the dog that lives within kicking distance of the 'beest this holiday season.
wow, are you whats known as a hipster? cuz you sound like a "worse person"...before any outside excuse to pin it on anything. Take some fuckn drugs next time you go out. eightball of bathsalts and meth made in a tacobell toilet would improve your shitty attitude.
I've got to say, I saw another immersive show by this same company - something about ghosts - and it was thoroughly lame as well. Even for light entertainment, they are failing hard or not even trying, and Rich is just being honest.

Don't go.
Thank you, Rich. Fuck the haters. This was a good review.

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