A Farewell to Seattle's Badass Ballerina

No One Pulls Off Fouettés Like Retiring PNB Principal Carrie Imler


Totally agree about the Stowell versus Balanchine Nutcrackers. I can't bring myself to see the new one and am so disappointed I can't bring my daughter to see it--she was too young to see it the last year they had it. I'm hoping someday they bring it back, but in the meantime... sigh...

Oh, and Carrie Imler is amazing and will be missed. I'm sure she'll be back in some fashion at some point. I just took my daughter to see the Hansel and Gretel children's ballet a couple months ago and Arriana Lallone (one of my favorite dancers, long retired from the PNB) played the step-mother/witch role. She received a very warm and enthusiastic ovation after the show, so doubtless all the moms and dads had fond memories as well. Was great to see her out there again!