Thanos (@jerryalmond) MEAGAN HALL

Many thousands turned out for the 16th annual edition of the Emerald City Comic Con. Here are some pics featuring our favorites of the denizens who attended on Sunday in their cosplay best.

Punk Leia (@girl_and_sansa) MH
Sailor Moon (Kiya Borneman)
Spider-Man MH
Halo (@reraikuprops) MH
Uhura (@vannyasmith) MH
Destiny 2 Fantasy Sci-Fi Art (lily.bean.cosplays) MH
Skyrim (@northernviking) MH
Little Bo Peep (Ceresa O’Bryan) MH
Dark Elf (Shawn Daniels) MH
Harley Quinn (@notyourlina), Joker (@ricoshayy101), and Red Poison Ivy (@yoshi.jpg) MH
T’Challa (@doctorbigellow) and Storm (@tkingtime) MH
Nightwing (@smartaleckcomedy) MH
Ebony Jessica Rabbit (@batgirllita01) MH
Harley Quinn (@caetiepie), Poison Ivy (@gracieniems), and Catwoman (@mickthestrange) MH
Hawkeye, Clint Barton (Owen) MH
Hawkeye, Kate Bishop (Ursula) MH
Quicksilver (@mcbiteypants) MH
Drogon (@themartyc) and Daenerys (@susan_diane.c) MH
Superman (@jonathanbelle) MH