Is Having a Baby Bad for the Planet?

Two talented actors hash it out in Lungs.



"Is Having a Baby Bad for the Planet?" - yes, without a doubt.

"We can have all the babies we want, so long as we reduce our consumption to a reasonable level" - probably not, given how much space we use. Please note the drastic reduction in wildlife and plant populations world-wide over the past century, most of which are due to dwindling habitat. Also note that when people abandon an area (like Pripyat or Phillip Island ( wildlife rebounds quickly.

There needs to be far fewer people on this planet, occupying much less space.


They could always get retroactive abortions if they're so neurotic.


No, overpopulation is the issue. There's no meaningful existence for most people on Earth.


"There's no meaningful existence for most people on Earth."

Still my favorite Smiths album.


No, the planet doesn't care.

What you do does matter, however. Is that baby overusing resources and increasing Climate Change by large-scale emissions, or is your family living in a city (lower emissions) and using renewable energy and eating low on the food chain in a sustainable way.

It's like asking, is a 14 mpg truck that drives 200 miles a day, one for every family member, the same as a family that walks, bikes and takes electric transit to work and school.


Yeah, right.
Overpopulation isn't really the issue [for us].
Overpopulation is the issue [for them]... those poor black and brown nations with all their latent materialism.
You know, like wanting refrigeration and AC, education and modern medicine, personal transportation.
It's their appetites that will destroy the planet, whereas our appetites are perfectly sustainable.


"It's like asking, is a 14 mpg truck that drives 200 miles a day, one for every family member, the same as a family that walks, bikes and takes electric transit to work and school."

You'd have to ask that hip, urban family of eco-conscious Seattle liberals that question during one of their flights to holiday in Hawaii or Europe.


"Overshoot: The Ecological Basis of Revolutionary Change." supplies scientific analysis no one has disabused me of. Still waiting...

The book continues to be a source of conceptual insight and existential inspiration regarding the ecological basis of human societies, especially to those who see a threat posed by peak oil, climate change, and other ecological pressures Catton either identified or anticipated. Years ahead of its time because of the clarity of formulation of a fully ecological paradigm,

Agreement on solution to the problem of overpopulation has never been reached. Either we consciously seek an equitable solution or nature will do it for us. Thus the slogan "Nature Bats Last"


For those seeking groups currently engaged in population awareness, may I suggest


@6 if we built high speed passenger rail, half of the flights would disappear.

You can also make jet fuel from tree spinnies, sewage, and pig waste retention ponds. That's carbon neutral.


If you're so worried about it enjoy some self inflicted chemical castration! Or fuck, just cut off your nuts right now! #savetheplanet


If the Planet Earth dies,
does it matter at all?

If ancient martians caused Mars to die 10 million years earlier than it would have, does anyone care?

Have your kids, enjoy them, fade into Bolivia.


Oh, the triggers!


Shorter Conservatives:

"I got mine, so fuck future generations, because I'll be dead soon and won't have to deal with the long-term consequences of my actions."


@13 for the OMG We're Having A Baby! win


So, by my choosing wisely NOT to ever conceive and bear children, and stick to my guns about remaining child free since puberty, even after serving in the U.S. military, once unhappily married then, and since my infinitely happier, healthier divorce, I have wisdom beyond my years? Break out the red wine and dark chocolate, bay-BEEEEEEE!
Menopause--bring it ON.
@11 and all warmongers of The Red Planet: Oh--the Eludium Explosive Space Modulator! That fiend has stolen the Space Modulator!! Delays, delays...........come along, K-9......
@13 COMTE for the bullseye WIN!