“It’s a Very Challenging Time for Humanity”

Sandra Bernhard talks about impeachment, Ukraine, social media, being a mother, and the future of the free world.



Terrific. Every time I read an interview with her, she is just the kind of person I'd like to know.


Bless you, Sandra Bernhard, and Christopher Frizzelle, for your wonderfully spot on interview.
Whoever thought Mitt Romney would be hero of the week, indeed.


And thank you, Sandra, for the caveat about Whole Foods. It's been added to my boycott list.


Great interview ...love Sandra Bernhard, and all she stands for! She was incredible in Martin Scorsese's criminally-underrated "The King of Comedy"


Best part in the interview was about the gender fluid not having any fun. Nailed it. Then again it seems to me nobody is. Say what you will about the old days - and I mean anytime before 2010 - at least folks had 'fun' sometimes. Or was it all just a dream?


And Sandra, where did you get that killer red dress? I LOVE it! Stay amazing and keep on rocking the house.