Theater Sep 23, 2022 at 2:03 pm

The Cast of The Griswolds’ Broadway Vacation Elevates the Show above the Script

Utterly and enjoyably deranged: Megan Reinking as Ellen Griswold, Livvy Marcus as Audrey Griswold, Jen Cody, Nathan Levy as Rusty Griswold, and Hunter Foster as Clark Griswold Tracy Martin



That's an interesting take. I don't totally disagree with you about the show. I felt like I might feel if watching a production of the actual "Drowsy Chaperone". And while I don't think it was great, it was better than many of the other new works I've seen over the past few years. But remembering how development people think, I'm guessing the inspiration for creating this show came more from the Jason Sedaris remake than the original movie. Someone was like, "hey, they remade vacation into a new movie. It must be hip again. Let's make a show while it's still hot. And let's throw in a lot of eighties references to please the fans but also to keep it real, and the eighties are back again anyway, right?." And then, it was just good enough to keep going. I actually thought the Millenials joke was for Millenials, an opportunity to laugh at ourselves and the perceptions we've been labeled with, although perhaps laughing at ourselves is something Millenials aren't particularly good at. I agree with you about the cast, especially Nathan Greene, just for being able to sing and dance the whole show in a Speedo and combat boots and take it seriously the whole time. And I think the fake signs deserved a shout-out.

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