Theater Review Revue

A Dead Child, a Lackluster Swashbuckler, and Zombies


Waiting to see a new W.E.T. show used to feel like in high school when your favorite band had a new CD coming out. After the atrocious "Ten Thousand Things" and now the jackhammer in the temples of "God's Ear", my enthusiasm is fading. W.E.T. has strong actors but they seem to have lost the touch for choosing good material. It's hard to watch talented actors try to prop up a bad script, but that's starting to become the W.E.T. "experience".
I TOTALLY DISAGREE!!! I just went to see "God's Ear" tonight and can honestly say that I have never seen a better play in all of my 7 years of being a theatre patron in this town. You obviously missed the point. Just because a play doesn't follow the common (and very stale) format of something as terrible as "The Three Musketeers" does not make it a "jackhammer" of words. Think outside the box and open yourself to a totally new experience! That's what WET is all about!
I wouldn't come within a country mile of seeing something as mundane as "The Three Musketeers", so thanks anyway for your presumption. You liked the show- fine- I won't return your favor by making a judgment about what that says about your taste.

Funny you should mention thinking outside the box- because one of the reasons this new play failed was the actors were strangled by the 'box' the set jammed them in. It was interesting for 15 minutes and then it just got in the way and became-stale. And script-wise, four or five different times of the parents saying "So- how are you?" "I'm OK- what are you doing?" "Nothing"- sorry-not very riveting theatre there in my opinion. Added to 5 scoops of a nauseating approximation of a child (which demonstrated how much better this was done in W.E.T.'s "Mr. Marmalade"), confusing and pointless Tooth Fairy, G.I. Joe and stewardess characters- thank you sir, can I have another? But I do repeat that the 'floozy' scene was really strong and interesting. Too bad the play didn't explore that more.

I've seen some very interesting and compelling work at W.E.T. in the past-far more interesting than this. Since you've been going to shows for 7 years, it's even more surprising that that implies you think this is the best thing W.E.T. has ever done.