Grey Gardens Is Missing Its Heart

The Musical Gets Better as Its World Gets Worse


Jinkx shoulda been cast
I thought this play would be a thoughtful and psychological journey into how a family could fall so far, and how such a broken/dysfunctional mother&daughter relationship could come to pass.

That subject is barely delved into - Act1 ending with the daughter running away, and Act2 with her back, miserable, with her mother. No development regarding why she came back, except for a few moaning expositions which are almost drowned out in the constant whining which saturates the second act. The constant moaning and whining tries, and fails miserably, to masquerade as interesting storytelling.

The first half was dull, and the second was worse. We almost walked out, and I wish we had. The second half was depressing and very boring. I normally like ACT plays, but this was such a failure.

I literally (not in the misused form of the word, but actually literally) found myself wondering if I could die of boredom during the play.