Stupid Title, Damn Good Show

Book-It Takes on Huck Finn


I don't see why the title choice is supposed to be so dumb- it is notoriously one of the most censored library books of all time in this country. If it didn't have "uncensored" in the title, I'd pretty much defacto assume that it was censored.

They aren't the ones that made the censored version the norm, it was like that way before they showed up and their title choice only serve to distinguish them from the norm. What a weird thing to get hung up on.
Well played, Alan Alabastro. Your review of a stage production of an American classic is elevated by your clarion denouncement of censorship and those who would censor:

"Fuck it right in its ugly fucking hemorrhoidal shithole."

How very eloquent.
"Book-It believes that the censored version of Mark Twain's Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is widely accepted as the 'regular' version of Huckleberry Finn, which makes an uncensored version noteworthy."

But... The censored version IS widely accepted as the regular version, so an uncensored version is in fact noteworthy.

How many stagings of Huck Finn that actually use the word "nigger" have you seen or heard of?
Too bad Book-It's adult tickets ran north of $40 a piece and the FOH team were assholes.