The Brilliance of Peter Brook

An Inadequate Introduction to the Titanic Director


As one of the few people in Seattle to have worked with the great Peter (on preparing my translation of Handke's KASPAR for him - who however only did it in mad houses then) and with recompense of infinite tickets to his MIDSUMMERS NIGHT DREAM (with me as "The Ass")and familiar with much of his previous work, especially Marat/ Sade and what the marvels he did at the BOUFFE DU NORD in Paris, yet Brook is to be faulted for his failure to do the great plays of contemporary playwrights like Heiner Mueller, Peter Handke, to name just two with whose work i am most familiar. Instead he has seized on texts on subjects that interest him. He might have done both.……

i cannot wait to see this play! leap of faith, seattle! let's go there.